My art represents my innate and complete sense of self in a dream form. I derived my art from the concept of Dramaturgical Approach, which receives the society as a stage, and every entity is composed of different stage settings and different actors representing different character traits; the actors are free to change these traits during each performances. Under this premise, dreams represent a stage where human nature can be materialized in its raw form, which is where my inspiration originated. What is more enticing about dreams is the fact that it is uninhibited by any moral, time and spatial restraints; dreams represent ultimate freedom. I hope audience can derive a unique form of self from my art works. The value of art comes from the instance where emotions are touched. 


    Tiff Yue Liu earned her second MFA at San Francisco Art Institute in 2018, San Francisco, US.  Four years ago, she earned an Master of Fine Art from Academy of Art University. She has been invited to draw mural paintings for commercial restaurants and clubs. Tiff has participated in several group shows in galleries and museum. Her oil on panel Parallel Futures participates in Where to? The Call of the Times exhibition at de Young museum in 2011 (San Francisco, US). Also, Tiff had her solo shows at both Shanghai and San Francisco. She was a freelance writer of Art World magazine (Shanghai, China) for years, and wrote for travel website. 

    Currently Tiff works as a full-time artist in San Francisco and Shanghai, and teaching at East China Normal University, Shanghai.

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